mandag 11. september 2017

Still no (Man Made) Global Warming, sorry Climate Change

The (Man Made) Global Warming crime camp are desperately trying to fix that ..

Why cheat is there's really a problem?

mandag 19. desember 2016

El Niño ends and temperature is falling - fast - Did CO2 stop working?

Alarmists are telling us 2016 will be record warm because of man made CO2. Reality shows it will indeed be warm, but not because of man made CO2. the term is called El Niño but now the El Niño conditions are soon all gone and the temperature has dropped at record braking phase the last few months.

Temperature in the atmosphere is given due to input of energy, pressure, gravity and mass. That is the reason the temperature on Venus is the same at the height of 50 km. as at sea level on earth where the pressure is the same as on the surface of the earth despite the Venus atmosphere consists of over 96% CO2.

As we can see, last El Niño was a big one.

And what is NASA reporting? Not reality .. Reality is not on their agenda, that's for sure ..

mandag 9. mai 2016

So, where is it ..?

For the first time ever has the man made global warming crisis been depicted in a graph that remove all doubt. Tell me, - do you see it??

Climate News ‏@ClimateNewsCA
Temperature of Earth, 1980 - Oct 2015:
Yearly average temperature of earth is a cool 14.42°C (58°F)

onsdag 4. mai 2016

Warmest on record ..?

What would be the point of counterfeiting temperature data if you didn't get the result you wanted?

How did 0,2 C. warming become 0,8 C. warming ..?

“The Hottest Year Evah”

Been hearing that 2015 was the hottest year on record? This depends entirely on which temperature data set is being referred. There are two main methods of measuring global temperature:
  • The much more accurate and comprehensive satellite measurement systems, RSS/UAH, which measure the average temperature of every cubic inch of the lower atmosphere, the exact place where global warming theory is meant to occur and be measured! Or…
  • NASA and NOAA’s preferred surface-based thermometers which measure “different parts of the system [UHI affected parking lots, asphalt heat sinks, AC exhaust air vents], different signal to noise ratio [we bias toward warm stations], different structural uncertainty [we ‘homogenise’ the data set to cool the past and warm the present to fit the global warming narrative].” – NASA GISS Gavin Schmidt’s admission about the satellite record versus the surface temperature record (doctored in square brackets by Climatism)
  • The other issue with surface-based thermometer readings is that you can travel hundreds if not thousands of kilometres without finding a thermometer nearby. The Arctic region is a great example of this, as well the oceans which cover 70 percent of the planet. Read more ..

tirsdag 26. april 2016

The story of how you can warm something warm with something cold

Claim: "You can see graphical proof the GHG's are blocking IR radiation in their absorption bands from leaving the earth's atmosphere." He was referring to this PAL-reviewed bs-paper ..
My reply: No such proof exist empirically. All data shows the temperature comes first, CO2 follows. 30% of the IR bypass all CO2 molecules, that means, a half open gate doesn't keep half of the sheep in. Anyway, it is meaningless to say GHG's are warming the atmosphere without saying how it is done, are CO2 producing energy? What is the process you are referring to? Fudge factor? Magic?
Over the last 62 years, 57 million measurements has been performed with weather balloons. That means it is empirically measured. What it shows is that CO2 doesn't stop any radiation from leaving.
If the GHG theory was right, it would mean there would be a layer, a "spot" somewhere where it would be possible to detect changes, let's call it "The hot spot", 8 - 12 km. over Equator 30 south - 30 north. So, what is the temperature in the "The hot spot"?
About -42C. right!? So, let me ask, how can something at minus 42C. warm something warmer? Like the surface of the earth which is, on average, about +14,5C.
If it ain't logic, it ain't science either ..
You're debunked!
Tell me all about how i don't understand science, please ..

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Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore speaks at a news conference with a gathering of U.S. State Attorney

When it comes to the dishonest "green" activists, logic must be the biggest conundrum - ever!

The Arctic Is Ice Free – How Can Sea Ice Be Declining?

"Experts say the Arctic is ice-free. They also say the non-existent ice is melting rapidly.North Pole already ice-free in 2000 .." Read more .. 
"Government experts say that the last few months were the hottest ever." Read more .. 
"Oldest Thickest Arctic Sea Ice Continues To Increase .." Read more .. 

Inconvenient Study: CO2 fertilization greening the earth

"International team reports CO2 fertilization prompted plants and trees to sprout extra green leaves equivalent in area to two times the continental USA, or nearly 4.4 billion General Shermans (largest giant Sequoia tree)" Read more ..

Climate Models Fail Again, Didn’t Predict CO2 Would Green The Western US

mandag 25. april 2016

This is how we drive - and how temperature doesn't care.

The blue curve in the graph depict how we are driving and the CO2 we leave behind on top of a volcano on a tropical island (Hawaii, Mauna Loa).

As we also should notice, temperature do not seem to be very excited by our CO2. Perhaps we are emitting the wrong kind of CO2, and on the wrong spot, - mountain top!?

No correlation?

The driver of atmospheric CO2 is temperature, now, - as it was earlier. After the very warm, warmer than today, 1930's, CO2 level reached at least 440 ppmv. around 1942 - No, the sky didn't fall ..

The "green" economy was supposed to grow the rest of the economy, oh the irony ..